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Pica MIKA Pride by swandog Pica MIKA Pride by swandog
"Teenage dreams in a teenage circus,
Running around like a clown on purpose...
Who gives a damn about the family you come from?
No giving up when you're young and you want some!

Running around again; running from running...

I was a boy at an open door;
Why you staring?
Do you still think that you know?
Looking for treasure
In the things that you threw...
Like a magpie,
I live for glitter, not you.

We are not what you think we are;
We are golden, we are golden!"…

This fanart was done for the MIKA contest over on FB, which was about how his music makes you feel...Well, I feel so *many* things when I listen, depending on the song, but I wanted to focus on *this* particular song, because hubby and I were just at Pride here in Norway, and it was the most wonderful, loving, welcoming, freeing experience we've had in so long, and we both needed it badly, due to the depressing way the world seems to be going right now. "We Are Golden" just really summed up how we both felt at Pride, with rainbows painted on us, golden glitter in our hair, and an ocean of colorful, dancing, singing, parading, happy, carefree, beautiful people of all ages all around us.

That song also takes hubby and I straight back to the 80's (when we were crazy teens), so in many ways it makes us feel young again, and we really can't thank MIKA enough for that, as well as for all the rest of his wonderful music. :heart: (Expect more fanart to come.) ;) Also, the part about "not giving a damn about the family you come from" holds true for me, because I had to cut ties with most of my family, and they would never be caught dead at Pride...Their loss, because I have a *new* family now, made up of all of my friends, many of which are LGBTQ+, and Pride felt more like a family reunion to me. :heart:

Also, I love magpies, the Latin name of which is "Pica Pica", and I love glitter and rainbows, so I just had to draw MIKA as a magpie, as the song mentions, holding the Pride flag, and wearing the same necklace, bracelets, watch and hat that I spotted in various photos of him, including the vid for this song. ;) Lastly, background was stock from here, modified by me:… and image was done in Medibang on my Ipad Pro.
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:clap:  excellent picture

I like all the detail you put into it  :D
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